The New Law Prof Rankings

The debate more than the Arizona Bill, Help Our Law Enforcement and Protected Neighborhoods Act , SB 1070, rages on. Some contact it racial profiling and other people think it is just what the state requires to fight the rising fees and crime prices connected with illegal immigration It is called the strictest anti-immigration law in decades, but makes use of the federal law as its guide. And in order that in default of persons to solicit the aforesaid, the Indians may not remain in slavery unjustly, We command that the Audiencias appoint persons who could pursue this lead to for the Indians and be paid out of the Exchequer fines, provided they be guys of trust and diligence. The New Laws of the Indies for the Great Treatment and Preservation of the Indians. The laws also prohibited the sending of indigenous men and women to function in the mines unless it was certainly vital, and essential that they be taxed relatively and treated nicely.

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