230 persons have been arrested and six law enforcement officers injured in the D.C.protest…

230 persons have been arrested and six law enforcement officers injured in the D.C.protests from President Trump
A lot of any of those arrested will reportedly deal with up to a 10 12 months prison sentence and $25,000 high-quality
A violent rampage begun two blocks from the White House in McPherson Sq. and together K Street
A limo was set on fireplace just after destructive demonstrators threw a flare into its shattered home windows
Police with shields lined up and blocked the parade route as riots broke out about the town
Officials have used tear fuel, pepper spray and flash bang grenades on the mob
Windows have been smashed at Starbucks, McDonald’s and Bank of The us buildings
Broadcaster Larry King mentioned the home windows of his SUV were smashed by protesters though he was in studios

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  1. Excellent! Well done DC… make those POS someone’s bitch for 10 years!!! Love it! More filth off the street.

  2. Good. Fuck em. Cry baby bitches.

  3. All that is the result of government sticking its nose into parenting. Don’t punish the child and shit like that. I raise my child up and I make sure that my child will not end up doing shit like that. As much I can see from this :the finger should be pointed at the government for this shit.

  4. That won’t see inside of a prison mostly paid for by you know who “the greatest con man ever” orange man

  5. At least they’ll have something to actually cry about now

  6. @jonesie951 how stupid are u. Is their no limit to a persons ignorance. Your looking at a pic of a burning limo and some broken windows yet 230 people werevarrested . U really think 230 people who were arrested all over the city many for peaceful demonstrations deserve ten years? Mayve youd be more com fortable in a comnunist country but im a REAL American where protesting your govt is not only a right but a god dam civic responsibility. Yes anyone breakin windows or starting fires at random throw them in jail. But you knkw that was a small group. This is meant to intimidate and punish not to seek justice.

  7. Good, they deserve it. You want an example of how to protest the right way? All you ha e to do is look at standing rock, there’s a difference between protesting with a purpose of achieving a goal and being a destructive asshole and destroying other peoples property. For all they know the windows they smashed and the stuff they destroyed belonged to people who share their political views

  8. @bass_inyour_face do you know how this country was founded?

  9. Good…serves them right for destroying others property.

  10. @cristiant96 ya, it was founded by people who were actually fighting for their freedom and independence, not by pissy little crybabies smashing windows with no purpose who are mad because someone who they didn’t want to be president won the election lol

  11. Those were anarchists who were breaking shit, you can see the A on the limo. They are not representative of the women’s march or the other protesters. They are anti establishment and I assume they saw a golden opportunity bc they knew others were protesting as well. They’re scumbags and I hope all of those who vandalized shit got what they deserved

  12. @bass_inyour_face you do know there were 0 arrests in D.C. right?

  13. Yes, because destorying property and injuring people is going to help so much!! If you’re so anti Trump, do something proactive… not destructive.

  14. Good… These fuckin idiots were getting out of hand

  15. There were no arrests at any of the protests. Talk about fake news….

  16. Fuck off @jonesie951 you know nothing about prison. Those that get prison time we be treated ok by other inmates. What do you think that there is a lot of Trump supporters in prison lol. I’ll stop here because I just read a message someone else wrote and it takes the words right out of my mouth. I love your comment @njjefff

  17. Good it’s just a disrespect to the democratic process at this point and I didn’t vote for him..

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